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Windows 98/ME Dial-up Setup Guide

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  1. Double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop.

  2. Double click on Dial-Up Networking.

  3. Double click on Make New Connection.

  4. Type eNET for the name of the computer you are dialing. Click on Next.

  5. Enter your local access number from the list below. The area code is not needed for local numbers. Then click on Next.
    Akron(330) 572-2930
    Cincinnati(513) 587-9713
    Cleveland(216) 820-9704
    Columbus(614) 324-9615
    Dayton(937) 910-9736
    Delaware(740) 203-7201
    Marietta(740) 236-4300
    Newark(740) 334-4121
    New Philadelphia (330) 401-0049
    Zanesville(740) 617-4475

  6. Click on Finish.

  7. Right click on the eNET icon and select Properties.

  8. Remove the check from the Use area code and Dialing Properties box. Click on Ok.

  9. Double click on the eNET icon. Enter your username and password and put a check in the save password box. Click on Connect.

  10. You may now use your new internet connection! To access your new connection go to My Computer > Dial-Up Networking > eNET. Click on Connect. Once connected you can use a browser such as Internet Explorer to surf the web and check your email with an e-mail client such as Outlook Express.
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